Wilson Property and Health Services Pty. Ltd. provides a safe working environment for all personnel, and to ensure that they are aware of the risks associated with the performance of their duties. Our Customers thereby benefit by us protecting their own employees and customers.

We have provide the adequate facilities for the welfare of employees within the workplace, pursuant to section 21 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1985.

Every personnel must be inducted through Wilson Property and Health Services Pty. Ltd. OH & S system, online, face to face and onsite to ensure that all personnel is provided with appropriate knowledge to efficiently carry out their work. All training documents are displayed online and is updated remotely.

Biological Hazards

Wilson Property and Health Services ensures the health and safety of persons handling or working with substances which present a biological hazard, and to ensure that the storage and disposal of biologically hazardous substances does not create a risk to persons or the environment.

1. Controls

Persons at risk of infection must be provided with, and correctly use, personal protective clothing and equipment to prevent against identified routes of infection. Controls Information, instruction and training Safe work methods for handling infectious substances are implemented, including precautions such as the use of protective clothing and equipment suitable for the risk.

2. Chemical hazards

Wilson Property and Health Services ensures that that the use, storage, handling and transport of chemicals are carried out in accordance with statutory obligations and legislated requirements.

Biological Hazards
  • (a) Labeling Ensure that all chemicals are clearly labelled with the appropriate safety information, and that a procedure is implemented to ensure that decanted substances are also adequately labelled.

  • (b) Storage and transport Dangerous goods must be stored in accordance with segregation rules. Storage areas should be identified to ensure that non-compatible chemicals are not stored together. Ensure that chemicals are stored in appropriate containers, packages and locations.

  • (c) Use and disposal Persons who may be exposed to a chemical must be trained in the correct procedures for its use, special requirements such as PPE, spill and leak procedures, disposal of waste and used chemicals, and emergency procedures to be followed in the case of fire, spill or leak of the chemical.

3. Control the risk: “Hierarchy of Control”
  • Eliminate the hazard
  • Substitute the hazard
  • Isolate the Hazard
  • Use Engineering Control
  • Use Administrative Controls
  • Use Protective Clothing & Equipment