High Pressure Services

High pressure unit consists of state of the art clean and capture technology, which can generate up to 7100psi and 130 C hot water. Our extensive range of pressure cleaning accessories includes surface cleaners, tele-wands and sand blasters. We bring in our own water take away the waste water. We plan each project according to the deadlines and successfully complete it without unexpected downtimes. We are able to look after the job whether it’s a listed cleaning job or an emergency situation as we have enough special equipment and experts.

Concerned about Aerosols?

There is a growing concern in the food processing industry that aerosols could lead to cross -contamination in food plant environments. High pressure, may atomise creating aerosols with could carry bacteria into the air towards the celling and (after a few hours) returning it to the food surfaces which have been cleaned already. Atomised bacteria caused by cleaning has been known to remain present in the air for a whole shift. Is it really worth cleaning your factory if these are the results of cleaning?

Typically, the use of high pressure/low volume water as a means of cleaning by inexperienced operators, comes with this associated risk. High pressure water spraying can also drive moisture into and through sealed surfaces, which is not only a concern in terms of functionality but also with regard to the possible development of niches on the equipments that would provide harbourage for microorganisms.